Seed #22 Surfin' In a Spicy Lake

01 Les Bourgeois de Calais - Sur Un Marche Persan (France) 1963
02 Cem Karaca & Apaslar - Anadolu Oyun Havasi (Turkey) 1967
03 Les Jaguars - Guitare Jet (Canada) 1965
04 Os Kriptons - Manga Madura (Angola) 1965
05 Micky y Los Tonys  - Zorongo Gitano (Spain) 1964
06 Black Magic - Surfin' Gipsy (indonesia) 1963
07 the Panthers - Malkaus (Pakistan)
08 the Shadows - Guitar Tango (USA) 1962
09 Poyushchiye Gitary - Perfidia (Russia) 1968
10 Zlatni Decaci - Dunavski Valovi (Serbia) 1966
11 the Spotnicks - The Rocket Man (Sweden) 1962
12 Takeshi Terauchi & the Blue Jeans - Fukagawa (Japan) 1972
13 Los Masters - Junto Al Martirio (Chile) 1968

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Here comes the new seed.. 
After an extender period of drought, this seed is ready to surf in the spicy tastes of the lake "music".
Necessary gear : swimsuit, speakers or headphones, a variety of six spices.
Have fun and don't forget to keep an open mind! and to dance,too..

The last track is a surprisig cover of Electric Prunes' "I had too much to dream (last night)".


Fuzzy Daddy said...

Perfect , i love these summer sounds!

Martialis said...

I post this only for Australians,South African and Argentinians. hehe

jose kortozirkuito said...

Hello friend:
Great classic-surf session, I'm still dancing.

I think there's a connection between us, every time you put a Spanish song, is my favorite. Micky and Tonis, is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish bands.
This theme is taken from the film "Ye-ye Megaton", posted on my blog, great film, but is only in Spanish.

Greetings from the other side of the Mediterranean

Fuzzy Daddy said...

We never suffer from lack of sun here ... We have so plenty , we save some even for the winter!

Martialis said...

hola Jose! I am happy that you dance with this! So, the first time I checked this track was at your blog, off course..! It's my favourite of this compilation,too.
FuzzyDaddy ccheck your mail, please.. A surprise is waiting for you

Mr.Eliminator said...

Hi Marti, It's a Great instro comp. with many exotic unknown jewels. Zlatni Decaci are from my town Belgrade. Surf's Up!

Martialis said...

Thank you Mr.. Ooh You are Balkan,too!Hopefuly,I will visit Belgrade in April. Keep in thouch mate.

Billy Hunt said...

Hi there,

These look like some really cool collections but all but the last one are no longer available. Is there any chance of some sort of re-up of them?

Many Thanks in advance

Martialis said...

The last one? You mean this? Seed #22? I can't see any fault,but if you tell me, I will fix it. Thank you for your comment..