Grace Slick & the Great Society - Conspicuous Only in its Absence & How It Was [Collector's Item] 1971-USA

01. Sally Go Round The Roses
02. Didn't Think So
03. Grimly Forming
04. Somebody To Love
05. Father Bruce
06. Outlaw Blues
07. Often As I May
08. Arbitration
09. White Rabbit
10. That's How It Is 
11. Darkly Smiling
12. Nature Boy
13. You Can't Cry 
14. Daydream Nightmare 
15. Everybody Knows
16. Born To Be Burned
17. Father

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Two live albums, recorded in 1966 and released as the "Collector's Item" in 1971.


Hajul Ellah said...

Thank you, Martialis! One of the best blogs around.

Martialis said...

Thank you,too Hajul for your nice words.
A new seed-compilation is coming..
Peace & Love

ms. xtro said...

thank you! i used to own the "collector's item" album, have been without it for years, and am dying to hear grace sing "sally go 'round the roses" again. so nice of you to share this!

ASDLR said...

Oh, thank you. Been searching for this one.

hk said...

please re-up martialis

Martialis said...

Are you sure? I can see any fault!

Anonymous said...

Yes - Permission Denied - here in the crazy lands - thanks for the effort though.

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