the Mops - Iijanaika 1971-Japan

01.Goiken Muyo (Ilja Naika)
02.Down Where I Was Born
03.Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Night
04.Nobody Cares
05.Gekko Kamen
06.Tracees Of Love
07.To My Sons
08.No One Knows What They Were

*get it here*

This is a pure ACID album. I don't have anything to say..
Ooops something more : the cover with the band,the Japanese Aphrodite and the Parthenon is totally deviant.


Anonymous said...

δεν ειναι βρε όρνεο ο παρθενώνας

Martialis said...

ποιος είναι ρε ξερολιάρικο ανώνυμο πλάσμα? ο ναός του ηφαίστου? εγώ μάρκετινγκ κάνω.. ο τουρίστας που θα μπει να κατεβάσει το άλμπουμ αυτό θέλει να δει και ν'ακούσει.

Rich said...

Hey man, keep up the good work! I don't come here as often as I'd like as i'm so busy with my blog but I'm going to get all your seeds right now!


Martialis said...

Thank you,again,Rich!
My dog days are over and I will start to seed again.
See you around..

spunkie said...

very cool mops lp. thanks man