Seed #25 Bye Bye

01 Rob de Neys - Bye Bye Mrs, Turple (Holland) 1968
02 the Sevens -Talk About Her (Switzerland) 1965
03 Carmen Villani - Brillo Bollo (Italy) 1966
04 Grupo 606 - Busco Un Camino (Bolivia) 1967
05 Thor's Hammer - Ef Hun Rr Nalaegt Mer (Iceland) 1966
06 les Jokers - Dividi Jane (Madagascar)
07 Serpent Power - Don't You Listen to Her (USA) 1967
08 Lam Leng - I Feel Fine (Singapore) 1965
09 Xetxu - Xohana (Spain) 1973
10 Billy Thorpe & Aztecs - A Worried Man (Australia) 1966
11 Grupa 220 - Nešto Malih Stvari (Croatia) 1968
12 Doros Georgiadis - Little Man (Greece) 1970
13 Os Baobas - Bye Bye My Darling (Brazil) 1966

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Bye Bye! No No! I am not leaving,yet.. It's been a while since the last seed, but with this I will try to catch up. I am sure that you will enjoy it,like me.
The new country enter the acid is Madagascar and Grupa 202 from Zagreb is participating again.
Cover Photo Artist : Peggy (Thank her for everything she ever gave me, and continues to give me.)
See you soon Seeders!!


jose kortozirkuito said...

Do not put this title, you scared me!
Long live Acid Years!

Martialis said...

jaja not yet Jose!
They don't win.. We will!
Gracias for your support!!

michael said...

thanks for the hard work you do :)

Martialis said...

thank you,too for your comment Michael. The next will be better!