Seed #19 Sun Is So Bright

01 Blue Effect - Sun is so Bright (Czech) 1969
02 Climax - Transfusion de Luz (Bolivia) 1974
03 Oko - Baj Baj (Slovenia) 1976
04 Soulmen - I Wish I Were (Slovakia) 1968
05 Mustafa Ozkent - Burcak (Turkey) 1973
06 the Churchills - Song From the Sea (Israel) 1969
07 Joy & the Hit Kids - Run Away (Germany) 1968
08 Grace Lee & the Stylers - Why Are You not Smiling (Singapore) ????
09 Novak's Kapelle - Doing That Rhythm Thing (Austria) 1968
10 Demjen Ferenc - Szivj Friss Levegot (Hungary) 1977
11 los Albas -  Bugulu (Spain) 1968
12 the Sounds - Ise Pikri San To Proi (Greece) 1971
13 the Outsiders - Summer is Here (Holland) 1967

*get it here*

Sun is really bright and hot in Athens and in northern hemisphere,generally.. 
This new seed,after 2 months,is groovy,fuzzy and trippy sometimes.
Blue Effect gave the name and the Outsiders an outro to remind us that Summer Is Here.
-my personal favourite track is Run Away from the Joy & the Hit Kids.
Have fun and see you soon!


Fuzzy Daddy said...

Yeah summer is here and it's really hot . Thanks a lot again for another nice collection

Martialis said...

Thank you again Mr. Fuzzy! :D

Anonymous said...

Many thnaks for share your work and for the ggod taste!!any chance of repost this??

Martialis said...

I check the link and it works to me.. But I will repost it. In general,I have a plan to repost them all. :)
Thank you for your interest

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just discovered your site but this link doesn't seem to work. Is there any chance of a re-up?

Anonymous said...

Hi Martialis.

Great site. You've made some really cool comps. Unfortunately this one seems to be down again. Any chance of a re-up?