Fuzzy Daddy visits Acid Years CD1

*get it here*

What a surprise! 
Fuzzy Daddy from Booze Tunes came to my place for a drink, and as a good guest brought me a gift..
The compilation is fuzzy(as its daddy), full of sitar beat and starts with a song that I love.
This is the first CD, the second is coming..
Off course, credits to Crazy Mama for the artwork.
Thank you!!


jose kortozirkuito said...

Great Surprise this Fuzzy Daddy Comp.
Greece is on fire!

Martialis said...

when Greece is on fire,the Greeks cooperate to extinguish it.. hehe
the second part is coming.

Pepe said...

Unfortunately "Permission Denied". Could it be re-uploaded?

Thank you.

Pepe Mendes said...

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Wah!!! missed it, repost...please

Martialis said...

hello guys! sorry I hadn't answered,yet..
so,I uploaded it again but it doesn't works. tomorrow I will fix it!
cheers and thank you for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Please, will you fix this link. Rado

Martialis said...

it's ready(again) Rado.. sorry for the incovenience but there are some problems with mediafire. have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the super-quick re-up on this file. I'm very thankful. If you're having problems with file sharing providers, may I suggest Rapidgator. A lot of blogs have been using that lately and it seems to work quite well. I've noticed that it does go down once in a while but it's only for a maximum of one day, then it gets fixed like new. Again, thank you. Rado