Seed #17 World Acid Amazons

01 Ellen Margulies - The White Pony (USA) 1968
02 Elly Kasim & Band Electrica - Malereng (Indonesia) ????
03 Elsa - Ailleurs (France) 1966
04 Gal Costa - Vou Recomecar (Brazil) 1979
05 Pili y Mili - Un Chico Moderno (Spain) 1968
06 Katarzyna Sobczyk - Trzynastego (Poland) 1967
07 Kela Gates - Loca Por U Loco (Peru) 1966
08 Jun Mayuzumi - Black Room (Japan) 1968
09 Circus 2000 - Sun Will Shine (Italy) 1970
10 Trubrot - Eg Veit Ao Pu Kemar (Iceland) 1970
11 Jacqueline Taieb - 7 Heures du Matin (France) 1968
12 Females - Talik Kum Bang Djati (Indonesia) ????
13 Claire Lepage & Compagnie - Les Chemins de L'amour (Canada) 1971

*get it here*


sevenelves said...


muchas gracias.


Antoni said...

Congratulations, Martialis!!
Thank you for your excellent blog.
I´ve download the records.

See you soon...!!

Martialis said...

awesome are your comments,too..
thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

ευχαριστώ, is this right? i cant read it but its supposed to say thank you!!!:)
just loading all of them to let them rock my friends, who will love this stuff!
thanks too for reuploading! you are fantastic!
so now you get lovespams too;)

Martialis said...

hahah anonymous..
thank you for the lovespams.everyone needs love.
so you can listen "ευχαριστώ" to google translate!
have fun with your friends!
thank you for your support..

M GR said...

Τέλειες οι αμαζόνες.
Μερικές τις είχα ήδη στα υπόψιν για μελλοντικά post.
Την Claire Lepage θα την "δανειστώ"
για τον ίδιο λόγο.

Martialis said...

Ευχαριστώ Μ!!
Πίστευα ότι και οι 13 παραπάνω αμαζόνες θα είχαν συμπεριλφθεί σε κάποιο real girls in the garage land.
Το κομμάτι της Lepage είναι όντως πολύ καλό.

jose kortozirkuito said...

Exciting and fun compilation!
Thank you.
Greetings from my cousins ​​Pili and Mili.

Martialis said...

your cousins?!?! haha
if it's true,arrange a meeting,por favor. soy un chico moderno!! hehe

jose kortozirkuito said...

ok, on Sunday at the Acropolis of Athens, midday, then comes my other cousin Manoli, bring a friend.

Martialis said...

ok ok..i will hold the " ¡Chicas! Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974 " vinyl to recognise me..see you there..hehe

jose kortozirkuito said...

OK, we are three grandmothers with miniskirt, and a handsome guy with long hair, it's me.
See you on Sunday.

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

Ellen Margulies, the singer of White Pony, is my mother! She didn't know anyone listened to her music. She still sings, and sounds as amazing as ever. It was so cool finding this.
wifey.caliente at gmail.com

Martialis said...

If she is really your mother,you are such a lucky human!
Send her my appreciation!!