Triana - El Patio 1975-Spain

01. Abre La Puerta
02. Se De Un Lugar
03. Todo Es De Color
04. Luminosa Manana
05. Dialogo
06. En El Lago
07. Recuerdos De Una Noche

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I know that this is a classic and the most of you already have this album. I uploaded it for the one that doesn't. Must-Have album..
Greetings to beautiful Sevilla!


Fuzzy Daddy visits Acid Years CD1

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What a surprise! 
Fuzzy Daddy from Booze Tunes came to my place for a drink, and as a good guest brought me a gift..
The compilation is fuzzy(as its daddy), full of sitar beat and starts with a song that I love.
This is the first CD, the second is coming..
Off course, credits to Crazy Mama for the artwork.
Thank you!!