Seed #25 Bye Bye

01 Rob de Neys - Bye Bye Mrs, Turple (Holland) 1968
02 the Sevens -Talk About Her (Switzerland) 1965
03 Carmen Villani - Brillo Bollo (Italy) 1966
04 Grupo 606 - Busco Un Camino (Bolivia) 1967
05 Thor's Hammer - Ef Hun Rr Nalaegt Mer (Iceland) 1966
06 les Jokers - Dividi Jane (Madagascar)
07 Serpent Power - Don't You Listen to Her (USA) 1967
08 Lam Leng - I Feel Fine (Singapore) 1965
09 Xetxu - Xohana (Spain) 1973
10 Billy Thorpe & Aztecs - A Worried Man (Australia) 1966
11 Grupa 220 - Nešto Malih Stvari (Croatia) 1968
12 Doros Georgiadis - Little Man (Greece) 1970
13 Os Baobas - Bye Bye My Darling (Brazil) 1966

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Bye Bye! No No! I am not leaving,yet.. It's been a while since the last seed, but with this I will try to catch up. I am sure that you will enjoy it,like me.
The new country enter the acid is Madagascar and Grupa 202 from Zagreb is participating again.
Cover Photo Artist : Peggy (Thank her for everything she ever gave me, and continues to give me.)
See you soon Seeders!!


Seed #24 I Put a Spell On Suzie Q

01 Audience - I Put a Spell On You (USA) 1971
02 the Atlantics - I Put a Spell On You (Australia) 1967
03 Caterina Caselli - Puoi Farmi Piangere (Italy) 1966
04 Nicoletta - Ca Devait Arriver (France) 1967
05 Witness Inc. - I Put a Spell On You (Canada) 1968
06 Gianni Pettenati - Puoi Farmi Piangere (Italy) 1967
07 La De Das - I Put t a Spell On You (New Zealand) 1966
08 Os Rocks - I Put a Spell On You (Angola) 1966
09 Demon Fuzz - I Put a Spell On You (USA) 1970
10 Los York's - Sussie Q (Peru) 1967
11 the Namelosers - Susie Q (Sweden) 1965
12 Los Apson - Susie Q (Mexico) 1966
13 the Barbarians - Susie-Q (USA) 1965
14 Peter's Faces - Susie Q (UK) 1965
15 Los Psicodelicos Xochimilcas - Susie Q (Mexico)

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This seed is dedicated to these giant tracks. They have two things in common. The first is that they written by two different "Hawkins" and the second is that they are both covered from Creedence Clearwater Revival with a lot of success.
"I put a spell on you" is a 1956 song written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and you can find several cover versions. So, Hawkins' is still my favourite.
"Susie Q" is another song with a lot of covers, written one year later 1957 by Dale Hawkins.
I hope you enjoy it! See you around..


Seed #23 Sicodelico

01 Mi Generacion - Triste y Solo (Spain) 1971
02 Grupa 220 - Covjek-Bubanj (Croatia) 1975
03 Los Ecos - La Gran Pelea (Bolivia) 1967
04 Les Z - Pourquoi (Canada) 1969
05 Phoenix - Totusi Sunt Ca Voi (Romania) 1969
06 Asa & 126 - I'm Poisoned (Norway) 1968
07 Brains Ltd. - Change Your Life (Germany) 1967
08 Los Angeles Salvajes - Sicodelico (Chile) 1967
09 the Jaguars - Chrisi Vrohi (Greece) 1972
10 Toncho Pilatos - Kukulkan (Mexico) 1972
11 Dundurs - Mes Visi Sedejam Kokos (Latvia) 1970
12 Petrus Castrus - Batucada Vulgaris (Portugal) 1971
13 Edip Akbayram - Daglar Dagladi Beni (Turkey) 1974

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Enjoy the last days of January listening to this Seed. Phoenix from Romania and Dundurs from Latvia welcome these new countries to Acid Years.
See you again in February! Bottoms Up!


Seed #22 Surfin' In a Spicy Lake

01 Les Bourgeois de Calais - Sur Un Marche Persan (France) 1963
02 Cem Karaca & Apaslar - Anadolu Oyun Havasi (Turkey) 1967
03 Les Jaguars - Guitare Jet (Canada) 1965
04 Os Kriptons - Manga Madura (Angola) 1965
05 Micky y Los Tonys  - Zorongo Gitano (Spain) 1964
06 Black Magic - Surfin' Gipsy (indonesia) 1963
07 the Panthers - Malkaus (Pakistan)
08 the Shadows - Guitar Tango (USA) 1962
09 Poyushchiye Gitary - Perfidia (Russia) 1968
10 Zlatni Decaci - Dunavski Valovi (Serbia) 1966
11 the Spotnicks - The Rocket Man (Sweden) 1962
12 Takeshi Terauchi & the Blue Jeans - Fukagawa (Japan) 1972
13 Los Masters - Junto Al Martirio (Chile) 1968

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Here comes the new seed.. 
After an extender period of drought, this seed is ready to surf in the spicy tastes of the lake "music".
Necessary gear : swimsuit, speakers or headphones, a variety of six spices.
Have fun and don't forget to keep an open mind! and to dance,too..

The last track is a surprisig cover of Electric Prunes' "I had too much to dream (last night)".


Tommenton en la Cuadra visits Acid Years

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Acid Years Blogspot proudly presents you Tommenton en la Cuadra and its author Jose Kortozirkuito.
I am really that the first post of the year is a collaboration with my amigo from Spain and one of my favourite blogs to listen and find good music.
The following text is from Jose.

In my third and last visit around greek blogs, I have to say That it's been an amazing experience. I've realized that greek people are wonderful and have a great sense of humor. Do you remember, Martialis, the glorious night we spent in Athens with my cousins Pili and Mili? I feel I have made some good friends and this is very important for me.
This time I bring to you the third part of my "Holidays in Greece" with my favorite garage-folk songs. This is the part I like most, but it's up to you to decide.
I Just have to send you the warmest regards from this corner of the Mediterranean, as for thousands of years, has served to bring people together in peace and harmony.

Sorry for my english, but you know, if we were younger When we had learned english instead of playing football ...

Jose Kortozirkuito

Check my visit to Tommenton en la Cuadra, too.


Seed #21 Color Fantasy

01 Los Chijuas - Changing The Colors of Life (Mexico) 1968
02 Maitreya Kali  - Color Fantasy (USA) 1971
03 Mendoza - A Sinful Man (Sweden) 1972
04 Brigitte Bardot - Harley Davidson (France) 1967
05 the Carnabeats - Omaeni Muchusa (Japan) 1966
06 the Strangers - Onye Ije (Nigeria) 1969
07 Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Togo) 1973
08 Com os Falcoes Reais - Ele Seculo XX (Brazil) 1969
09 Quarteto 1111 - Ababilah (Portugal) 1968
10 Erkin Koray - Sir (Turkey) 1973
11 Los Flippers - Flipprotesta (Colombia) 1967
12 Sanjalice - Mi Mladi (Serbia) 1967
13 Murphy Blend - Funny Guys (Germany) 1970
14 Mr. Brooks - The Family (UK) 1968

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