the Seeds - the Seeds & a Web of Sound 1966-USA

01. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
02. No Escape
03. Evil Hoodoo
04. Girl I Want You
05. Pushin' Too Hard
06. Try to Understand
07. Nobody Spoil My Fun
08. It's a Hard Life
09. You Can't Be Trusted
10. Excuse, Excuse
11. Fallin' In Love
12. Mr. Farmer
13. Pictures & Designs
14. Tripmaker
15. I Tell Myself
16. A Faded Picture
17. Rollin' Mchine
18. Just Let Go
19. Up in Her Room

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Two studio albums from the Seeds, released at 1966.
The band were formed at Los Angeles,California in 1965 with great success.
Bottoms up for this band, as "a seed for our ears"..


Damon - Song of a Gypsy 1970-USA

01. Song of a Gypsy
02. Poor Poor Genie
03. Don't You Feel Me
04. Did You Ever
05. Funky Funky Blues
06. Do You
07. The Night
08. I Feel Your Love
09. Birds Fly So High
10. The Road of Life

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